Golf Bracelets: Why They Are More Than ‘Just Jewellery’

Did you ever notice that a good number of professional golfers today wear some sort of bracelet? Did you ever wonder why they wear them and what’s up with those bracelets?

golf braceletThose bracelets you may spot when you watch some high-profile tournament on TV are golf bracelets.

Those are not “normal” types of jewellery. A golf bracelet can either be magnetic bracelets or ionic bracelets, so called “power bands”.

The magnetic golf bracelets are said to be helpful with the prevention and relief of all sorts of pain. In our case, when it comes to golf, they are worn because they can relieve wrist pains, something which is essential for any serious golfer.

The ionic bracelets have similar benefits. But here it is not magnets that provide a beneficial health effect but the fact that they produce negative ions. Negative ions are thought to also relieve certain pains but they can also increase focus, energy and overall well-being.

Some of the modern golf bracelets available today actually combine both things, they can have magnets and may have a stretchy band made from silicone and crushed turmaline so it produces negative ions as well. Because they’re very light, soft and stretchy, those bracelets are ideal for a sport like golf.

Where can you get those types of sport and golf bracelets?

They are offered at Infinity Pro. This vendor not only carries power bands and magnetic jewellery for athletes and golfers, they also have other various types of magnetic and ionic jewellery. I recommend them because of their good selection and high quality jewellery. So, if you like golf and want to try those bracelets you should give it a shot. Of course you can use those bracelets for any other type of sporty activity as well!



Who’s the World’s Most Valuable Sports Team?

According to Forbes, Real Madrid is the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Team”. Forbes is estimating the Spanish football club at approximately £2bn according to a new study.

Second on the list of most valuable teams is Barcelona with Manchester United coming in at third place. Manchester is valued at approximately £1.64bn

How did Forbes calculate those rankings? To come up with their rankings they took a look at equity, debt and stadium deals for each club.

Tips If You Love Horse Racing

Lots of people in the United Kingdom are into horse racing. So am I and many of my buddies. But I have to admit it took me a very long time to make my passion for horse racing into something which also makes me a little money on the side.

In fact, I spent about two decades on various tracks here in the UK where I ultimately never won something because my losses and wins (fortunately) always sort-of balanced itself out.

I have to say “fortunately” because it would have been a lot worse had I actually lost more than I spent on betting.

At some point I wanted to change this. One big reason for this was a new co-worker, Jerry, who seemed to beat the odds almost every time. I was literally dumbfounded when he told me about his constant winnings at the tracks and this is when I naturally got very curious.

I asked Jerry how comes that he’s mostly winning while myself and my other buddies had far less luck at the tracks.

This was the day when he told me about his subscription for racing tips. I remember this day very well because it had a profound effect on me and my times spent at the track here.

Unlike Jerry, I always tried to find a betting strategy by going over articles in the paper or reading up on upcoming races on some websites. But Jerry told me he doesn’t do anything of that. His horse racing tips had been coming from a seasoned racing professional and all he did was use this knowledge and then go off to the tracks winning.

I started to do the same thing by getting horse racing tips from there where he got yours and low and behold, the first two weeks (it was last year in July when I started to use this strategy) I already had some cash that I won at the races. Ever since I am winning too and now my passion for horse racing has become sort-of my second income. Check and do what I did if you want to get some serious racing tips, you won’t regret it!