Sports & First Aid: My Advice

Anyone who’s even remotely into sports knows that injuries can always happen.

Not only can injuries happen all the time, of course they always happen at the worst time and at the worst place.

While the majority of sports injuries such as muscle strains, strained ankles and similar injuries can be considered minor, one problem can be that it will always take some time until a medical doctor can attend to the injured. (Obviously, doctors are not always within reach!). And you may not know it, but attending to someone who got injured right way and treating them correctly is often critical when it comes to preventing further injuries and health issues.

It is because of that that it can be extremely helpful when people know about how to administer first aid. With proper first-aid techniques any injured person has a much better chance that a sports injury may just keep a minor issue and not turn into a major health problem due to missing or wrong treatment.

Educating your teammates in proper first aid techniques

It is obviously not exactly easy if you face the task having your entire team or sports club taught in proper first aid. This can sometimes require a rather big effort in terms of organisation and planning, depending on your team’s or club’s size.

But to make things easier here you can take advantage of the fact that there are organisations out there which can help you. The provider of the first aid training classes can simply come to your premises. This means you won’t have to worry about sending anyone out to a community college or similar institution.

If you want my advice, BX Medical in the UK provides first aid courses in Cornwall for those who happen to be located in or near Cornwall. If you contact them they can also let you know about other locations where they provide their first aid training classes.

Who’s the World’s Most Valuable Sports Team?

According to Forbes, Real Madrid is the “World’s Most Valuable Sports Team”. Forbes is estimating the Spanish football club at approximately £2bn according to a new study.

Second on the list of most valuable teams is Barcelona with Manchester United coming in at third place. Manchester is valued at approximately £1.64bn

How did Forbes calculate those rankings? To come up with their rankings they took a look at equity, debt and stadium deals for each club.

Private Schools in the UK and Sports

Life will require much more than mastering maths or chemistry. For children to become successful and responsible adults, good grades are not all there is. Children need also be taught on traits such as responsibility, maturity or social skills to have them become mature and successful later in life.

The Kingshottschool: One Of The Best Private Schools In The UK

The Kingshottschool: One Of The Best Private Schools In The UK

Public schools in the UK may often be lacking when it comes to those important things for your children to grow up.

In today’s public schools, the daily curriculum may well be rushed through while the development of personality and values in children is often ignored.

Likewise, sports and other activities in public schools are often not getting the attention as they do in private schools.

For that reason, many parents today choose private schools over our public schooling system. Often, a choice to send the children to private school may already be made since the children’s father and possibly even their grandfather already attended an independent school.  For many families this can be a tradition which has proven successful throughout generations.

Fortunately, private schools in the UK today are not only a domain of the very wealthy any longer. While we still have a number of so called “Elite” schools, private schools in the UK have gotten affordable and are now an option for pretty much any family with children.

As one of the leading private schools Hertfordshire, the Kingshottschool can be your choice if you’re looking for an excellent independent school for your children. This private school can offer you and your children everything, from a rich curriculum to numerous exciting extracurricular activities, sports and many more.

If you want the best private school in Herts, the Kingshottschool should be your first choice.

Golfer Poulter Complains After British Airways Downgrades Nanny’s Seat

Ian Poulter started a storm at Twitter last week after he complained about his wife having to look after their four children without their nanny.

He had booked six business class seats with British Airways for the entire family including their children’s nanny. But British Airways told them that one seat had been downgraded.

It didn’t take long and he ranted on Twitter about it: “Booked 6 business seats for my wife & nanny to fly home & @British_Airways downgrade my nanny so katie has no help for 10 hours with 4 kids”

The result of his tweet: Many angry comments telling the wealthy golfer that not anyone today can actually afford a nanny for their children. The fact that Mr. Poulter’s twitter profile shows off six sport-cars in front of his multi-million dollar villa in Florida sure didn’t help either to calm down the many angry commenters.

Fire Safety in the UK: A Quick Primer

The fire safety rules and regulations in the United Kingdom apply to residential and commercial structures. Obviously, this includes venues such as stadiums or other venues where sports events are often held.


Dry Riser Testing

At such events, people are often at a particular high risk from fires. One may just think about a stadium filled with fans shooting off flares and fireworks.

History has shown that tragic events due to neglecting of fire safety measures at such events can always come about.

Here in this article I want to give you a quick overview about some common fire prevention and detection systems that are available in the UK.

Anyone will likely be familiar with the common smoke detector. Today, you can find them in pretty much any commercial building and increasingly more so also in private homes.

Large commercial structures in the UK that exceed a certain height are required by law to have what’s called a dry riser system. Those are pipes that aid the fire brigade in the case of a fire. With dry riser systems there will normally be a number of inlets and outlets installed. The fire brigade can pump water into the building at an inlet; this water can then be accessed at the various outlet points.

Whether you’re in the sports business, whether you’re a stadium planner or happen to have an entirely different business, if your building has a dry riser system it will require regular maintenance and testing. This is what’s called dry riser testing. The normal way to go about this will be that you will have a contractor that can perform those tests in regular intervals.

If you happen to reside in the UK and you want to learn more about what you can do to prevent fires I recommend you check for more information. They can let you know what fire prevention systems will be right for your particular building.

Safety At Sports: About the UK’s ‘Green Guide’

The Green Guide is a guide containing advice on spectator safety at sports grounds. The guide has been written by the Football Licensing Authority (now the Sports Grounds Safety Authority) and is published by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Green GuideThe book has been introduced in the UK following  the 1971 disaster at a major sporting events where 66 people lost their lives.

For anyone who is actively involved with or simply interested in the UK’s safety standards when it comes to sports and sports events, this guide is highly recommended!

Tips If You Love Horse Racing

Lots of people in the United Kingdom are into horse racing. So am I and many of my buddies. But I have to admit it took me a very long time to make my passion for horse racing into something which also makes me a little money on the side.

In fact, I spent about two decades on various tracks here in the UK where I ultimately never won something because my losses and wins (fortunately) always sort-of balanced itself out.

I have to say “fortunately” because it would have been a lot worse had I actually lost more than I spent on betting.

At some point I wanted to change this. One big reason for this was a new co-worker, Jerry, who seemed to beat the odds almost every time. I was literally dumbfounded when he told me about his constant winnings at the tracks and this is when I naturally got very curious.

I asked Jerry how comes that he’s mostly winning while myself and my other buddies had far less luck at the tracks.

This was the day when he told me about his subscription for racing tips. I remember this day very well because it had a profound effect on me and my times spent at the track here.

Unlike Jerry, I always tried to find a betting strategy by going over articles in the paper or reading up on upcoming races on some websites. But Jerry told me he doesn’t do anything of that. His horse racing tips had been coming from a seasoned racing professional and all he did was use this knowledge and then go off to the tracks winning.

I started to do the same thing by getting horse racing tips from there where he got yours and low and behold, the first two weeks (it was last year in July when I started to use this strategy) I already had some cash that I won at the races. Ever since I am winning too and now my passion for horse racing has become sort-of my second income. Check and do what I did if you want to get some serious racing tips, you won’t regret it!